Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bill Clinton on "Larry King Live"

Watch this interview by Larry King of former President Bill Clinton? What did you think of Clinton's thoughts on how Obama is doing? Given his experience trying to get major health care reform passed 15 years ago, what did you think of Clinton's take on the prospects of Pres. Obama succeeding in his fight to overhaul health care?

What about his comments on the political situation in New York? And on former Pres. Carter's assertion that much of the opposition to Obama is based, to some extent, on racism? What are your own thoughts on Pres. Carter's claim?

Anything else that stood out to you from this interview?

Make sure you post at least TWO (2) comments by Friday, October 9. These can be either comments directly on the video and/or responses to something a classmate has posted.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering: "yes," "no," "good," "bad," "I agree," "I disagree," etc., do not count as full posts! I don't want to put a minimum number of words or sentences on it, but please put some thought into your comments!